Curriculum Vitae of Juan M. Uys

A few things about me:

  • full-stack web developer for 15 years
  • good at prototyping and scaling systems
  • takes machine learning for granted
  • based in London
  • fully equipped for remote working

+44 7702 783 956


  • How to be a dad (Home, 2013 - current)
  • Certificate in Computational Investing (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013)
  • Data Analysis (Coursera, 2013)
  • Web Intelligence and Big Data (Coursera, 2013)
  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala (Coursera, 2012)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Udacity, 2011)
  • Certificate Sun Certified Java Programmer (Sun Microsystems, 2007)
  • Diploma in Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks (International School for Scientific Computing, 2001)
  • Qualified advanced scuba diver (NAUI, 1995)


The Capital Markets Company (CAPCO)

May 2016 to current, as consultant

  • datavis for various Global Retail Banks
  • turning Microsoft Project data into information
  • technologies include D3, Angular1/2, and the MEAN stack
  • Express framework for data upload, authentication and authorisation
  • CI/CD using CircleCI, Docker Hub/Cloud, and AWS

Re-skill and game development

April 2016 and Condé Nast Commerce

July 2015 to March 2016, as consultant

  • team lead for Conde Nast’s Platform Team of six
  • development with Clojure, Javascript, Ruby, and PHP
  • ops with Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS
  • integration with SAP Hybris and Mirakl
  • interviews, and devised a remote interview system
  • web proxy using Mashape’s Kong, with a subsequent FOSS contribution
  • instilled the “measure measure measure” approach adopted at GOV.UK
  • HapiJS framework used as initial proxy to Hybris, with stubs generated from Swagger descriptions
  • API developer portal made with HapiJS and React as part of Aqua

Government Digital Service (GDS)

March 2014 to June 2015, as consultant

  • Land Registry beta using Python, PostgreSQL, and Docker
  • early adopter of fig (later known as docker compose)
  • Home Office policy management using Scala
  • fostering code re-use across ministries, agencies, and departments
  • Cross government services alpha or a “Facebook for Civil Servants” using Express and Python
  • lots of prototypes made with Express via the GOV.UK prototype kit

Credit Monster and New Concepts Development

August 2013 to March 2014, as freelancer

  • PDF parsing
  • credit scoring and lead generation
  • historical finance data parsing, reliably extracting tabular data from government PDFs
  • technologies include Scala, AngularJS, and AWS
  • helping them reach the number 4 spot for credit rating services in the USA
  • reference available
  • fully remote, with co-developers in Belgium, US East Coast and California


August 2013 to March 2014, as freelancer

  • solving the age-old British problem of the queue
  • technologies include Java, Playframework, MySQL, and AWS
  • reference available


August 2013 to March 2014, as freelancer

March 2012 to March 2013, evenings and weekends Group (pre-YOOX)

January 2007 to August 2013, as developer

  • PCI-compliant payment system and credit card database
  • introduced Scala to the company in 2009
  • hackday champion 2011, showcasing a mobile app for the budding fashion scout
  • CMS and workflow using Alfresco and Activiti
  • translation service integrating with 3rd party translators and CMS system
  • search and sitemap automation using Spring Batch, Apache Nutch and Solr, later ElasticSearch
  • gluing together parts of our CI system using Lift (Scala)

2005 to 2006, as developer

  • acquired by Google
  • UK’s fastest growing startup in 2005 and HSBC award for best start-up in London
  • aggregating and selling finance leads using custom backend system
  • implemented direct-2-broker system using Ruby on Rails, cutting out underwriters


Developer in London and Johannesburg, 2002 to 2005

My CV for this period is available separately.

  • IT consultation for TAIB securities (private bank)
  • developer for ManBytesDog supporting and building systems for healthcare and services firms
  • consultant at Business Edge Systems (now IMX Software) building CMS and document management for Investec and lease management software
  • full-stack dev for an Internet advertising company called iCatcher

Projects was borne of the recurring patterns I noticed of data being locked up inside PDFs in the wild. It’s currently in private beta testing.

+1 News

code here, here, here

  • natural language parsing, and news generation by way of Markov chains
  • aggregation and downstream publishing

Taxi meter built to TFL spec

code here

  • accurate rate calculation over discontinuous time
  • successfully used in traffic simulations

MiniLD #69

code here, game here

I made a small game for mini-LD, and I also wrote about it.