Ever since Ben Firshman introduced us to his side project back in 2013 at the Land Registry, I’ve been hooked on Docker.

Also, since treating myself to a new HDD for Xmas and installing Arch Linux, I felt the need to keep concerns separate, almost like AppImage promises to do. Docker to the rescue, naturally.

Here follows a non-exhaustive list of cool apps I’ve Dockerised or helped Dockerise.



Thanks to Thomas Shaw for the head start. More fixes will come once I start Android/WebGL integration, but otherwise I’m really excited to use it more. In fact, I told someone for the first time today what my game idea is all about, and he nodded appreciatively. Note to self: enough reading, and more coding!

Android Studio


Thanks to Omer Zak for the head start. I discovered this repo 2 days after Omer made it public, and basically an email to-and-fro ensued, in which I suggested this and that. Apart from wiring the IoT, I think being able to program the one thing you have with you all day is quite valuable.

Github Leaderboard


Thanks to Eugene Fidelin for Github Leaderboard! It’s Node/NPM, so I just had to contain(erise) this. (Be fhssre gur jengu bs n gubhfnaq yvggyr onqyl-ervairagrq jurryf yvggrevat lbhe uneq qevir…)

Turns out I had a good week.

Github Leaderboard