Communication at your business is key to levelling the knowledge landscape and eliminating surprises. One of my favourite tools for communicating KPIs and other important numbers are dashboards. Also, one of my favourite numbers when building a product is “business days until launch”.

Say today is mid September and your very important new website is launching next year January on the 11th. You can count on your fingers the full months in-between (October, November, December - that is 3) then roughly round September and January to make another month - that’s 4.

Now say “I have 4 months left until my website launches”.

But try this: calculate the actual business days until January 11th. Cut out weekends and public holidays.

Now say “I have 79 business days left until my website launches”.

It somehow feels like you have less time, doesn’t it?

This, for me, is such an important number to keep in mind, that I have created a small web app for it to load up on your dashboards.

Here’s an example:

business days until Xmas